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16th of July 2018

A romantic getaway in Vienna

Vienna is a stunning city and a really good place to take your loved one for a romantic getaway. It is full of parks, old castles, fantastic eateries and eye-catching architecture. This guide gives you some suggestions of things to do on a romantic trip to Vienna.

Sip coffee in the glamorous Café Sacher

Vienna is famous for great coffee and you can share some with your partner at the 19th century Café Sacher. Try the Sacher Torte as an accompaniment to your coffee. Sit and enjoy each other’s company in the grand surroundings, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and gilded framed oil paintings draping the walls.

Get a great view of the city on the Riesenrad Ferris wheel

Riesenrad Ferris wheelTake your love to new heights with a trip on the Riesenrad Ferris wheel. The wheel began turning in 1897 and you’ll get such amazing views of the city that they will take your breath away. To make it really romantic why not do it at night and see Vienna in its illuminated glory?

Visit Vienna’s famous palaces

Vienna is home to many of the Hapsburg palaces, including the Schonbrunn Schloss and Belvedere Palace. In the Upper Belvedere Gallery you’ll find Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, depicting a loving embrace. They say ‘When in Rome, do as’, so why not change that a little to ‘When in Vienna, do as’ and share your own loving embrace here!

Stroll along the river Danube

A trip to Vienna would not be complete without a romantic stroll along the river Danube, the inspiration for Johan Strauss’s Danube Waltz. Soak up the atmosphere, sample the culture and get lost in each other’s company as you wind your way along the river banks. To get to the more remote parts of the river you can take guided tours.

Horse-drawn carriages, nights at the opera and wine tasting

There are plenty of other things to see and do together in Vienna, including a posh night out at the opera. Combine this with a lovely meal and you’ll have a really romantic evening. You can also head for Esterhazykeller for an intimate wine tasting session, and take a lazy horse-drawn carriage ride through the city.
Vienna is a great place for couples to get away. There’s plenty to see and do, as you can no doubt tell from the above suggestions. If you fancy going to Vienna but need to find the right someone first, why not find UK singles online? For example, you can try out free dating sites for towns and cities across the country. Once you’ve found someone to go with, you’ll be able to use this guide to have an amazing time.

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