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28th of May 2018

There is interesting mix of the old and the new in Vienna culture and entertainment. From artworks to music, theater to clubs, Vienna is one city in Europe that can provide you a special treat that is truly unique from other European locales.

Museums and galleries

You’ll see good reflections of Vienna culture through its museums and galleries. As Austrian writer Karl Kraus puts it, Vienna streets are “paved with culture”. Two of the most famous architectural gems of Vienna are the Naturhistorische Museum and the Kunsthistorische Museum found at the Ringstrasse. People who fancy 20th-century modern art may visit the KunstHausWien designed by the famous Austrian painter and sculptor Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


For theater enthusiasts, there is the Burgtheater. But it requires some basic German to understand what’s going on. For performances in English, there are the International Theater (primarily American) and the English Theatre in Josefstadt (plays are rehearsed in London). A good place for satirical cabaret shows is Ronacher.


The Vienna culture is largely marked by classical music. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs at the Musikverein, perhaps the best acoustics of all concert halls in Austria. Nearby is the Konzerthaus, another famous concert hall. Most musical event programs are classical, but the music is diverse, from jazz music to world music.


At first glance, Vienna is an old-fashioned and stiff city, but its nightlife proves all the critics wrong. Vienna nightlife is vibrant, at par with some other party capitals in Europe. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most popular nightlife spots; it is the area around Seitenstettengasse, Ruprechtsplatz, Salzgries, and Rabensteig. The bar and club scene makes Vienna entertainment one of the best in Europe.

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