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28th of May 2018

Dining out is one of Vienna’s pastimes. So as soon as you get to the Austrian capital, you should try to-die-for Vienna dining experience. Besides traditional Viennese and French food, you will find top-class restaurants that serve Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, and Slovenian food, along with Italian, Russian, and Asian cuisine.

The city’s popular Bermuda Triangle is a hub of bars and restaurants that is a short walk north of Stephansplatz. Rotenturmstrasse, Schwedenplatz, Marcus Aurelius Strasse, and Hohermarkt surround this restaurant district. While Viennese cuisine is traditionally hearty, creative and innovative chefs are now coming up with lighter and modern versions of the classic food.

People in Vienna love to eat, six times a day on the average. Breakfast are usually served with bread with cheese, jam, or butter, along with coffee and milk. Viennese have gabelfrühstück (snack breakfast) around 10am, when they often relish some type of meat, such as little finger sausages. A midday lunch is usually a filling meal, while the afternoon jause consists of open-face sandwiches, coffee, and the delicious pastries that the locals bake so well. Dinners are also hearty, although many Viennese only prefer a light meal.

Because the Austrian capital its opera houses, concert halls, and theaters, many locals and travelers alike prefer to have their dining in Vienna after a wonderful performance. Après-théâtre is rage in this beautiful city, and many cafes and restaurants are open late to satisfy the cravings of cultural buffs.

Unlike in other western European cities, a lot of Vienna restaurants are closed on Sunday (read the SONNTAG RUHETAG signs). There are also summer vacation closings, when many cooks prefer to enjoy nearby lake resorts than prepare meals for hordes of Vienna tourists. So plan your travel well in advance. Sometimes Vienna restaurants announce holiday closings a week or two before closing down.

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