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28th of May 2018

Vienna is one of the few cities in the world that almost has it all: interesting history, fascinating culture, warm and friendly people, stunning landmarks, great gastronomic treats, and many attractions that every visitor should not miss. But many visitors make the mistake of heading to this gorgeous city without a sound travel plan.

There are so many things to experience in this Austrian capital that you might be overwhelmed, which is not a good thing if you didn’t plan well ahead of time. For starters, there is interesting mix of the old and the new in Vienna. From artworks to music, theater to clubs, the city can provide you with a special treat that is truly unique from other European locales.

At first glance, Vienna is an old-fashioned and stiff city, but its nightlife proves all the critics wrong. Vienna nightlife is vibrant, at par with some other party capitals in Europe. The shopper inside you will be delighted to know that the capital has lots of good shops and boutiques. Not to mention restaurants that serve some of the best local and international cuisine.

Having a Vienna travel plan will save you from all the hassles such as staying at the wrong hotel, waiting forever for public transport, or getting lost in the middle of nowhere (which is really exciting, but not all the time). Planning your Vienna travel will allow you to enjoy your stay in this beautiful capital.

We design this Planning Your Trip section to help you plan your travel to Vienna and make the most of your vacation time. From getting Austrian visa to airports and metro stations to finding a budget accommodation and staying safe, we would not want to leave out the details of Vienna information.

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