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20th of June 2018

Visiting Vienna during its winter season is an experience of a lifetime. Lights are soft and Christmas decorations made of wood and straw adorn homes and establishments. Snow blanketing the ground, crisp air of winter evenings, and a Christmas ambiance are all descriptive of Vienna in winter months of December through February. Temperature can go as low as -15oC (5oF) indicating a bitterly cold day.

A Vienna winter vacation is worth it even with the chilly weather because of the festive Christmas mood. One would commonly see beautifully decorated Viennese Christmas markets in late November, locals drinking hot punch, and opera staging performances. The city has a well-developed transport network of metros, trams and buses so you could go to those top attractions in Vienna. Do not miss being at Hoher Markt before noon because the art nouveau ‘Anker clock’ strikes at 12:00.

A couple more of visits can be done during winter in Vienna provided you are properly clothed. Traveling to Vienna in these cold months would require you to pack warm clothes, gloves, hats, and scarves against the chilly winds of the winter. Warm and waterproof clothing can also be bought in Vienna, as well as a wide range of clothing, at reasonable prices. You will find it cheaper to buy your clothes once you arrive in a Vienna winter. You can also keep yourself warm by wearing several layers of lightweight clothing.

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