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28th of May 2018

Relative to other major urban centers in Europe, Vienna is a safe city and its people are helpful and friendly in general. But petty crimes are quite prevalent in this stunning city. This is why Simply Vienna has put together some useful tips for your safety in Vienna.

At the hotel

Never leave your belongings unattended in the hotel lobby or in front of the hotel. Deposit all your valuables in the safe and lock your room every time you leave. Also, do not leave your bag unattended in the hotel restaurant or the breakfast room, even if you are just going to the buffet table.



Do not bring with you all your money cash on a walk. Whenever possible, use your credit card and keep all the receipts. Keep your card numbers and phone numbers of your credit card company, and your ATM card’s PIN code.


Walking through the city

Do not bring your passport when out on sightseeing tours. Be aware of petty thieves as they will do anything to distract you. Keep your handbag as close as possible to your body. Put your wallet or purse in an inside pocket that you can close with a zipper. Never leave your belongings unattended, including your camera.


Loss or theft

If you have lost a document or think it has been stolen, report it at the nearest police station. Authorities will help you obtain copies of the document at your consulate or embassy. You can search for the lost item online on This website, though, is in German.

Securing your safety in Vienna means using your common sense.

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