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28th of May 2018

Getting to Vienna, Austria is cheap and easy. You can get there from many British airports and from many European cities. You can also go to the city by train, by car, and by bus.

By air

Since Vienna is the entrance between Western and Eastern Europe, it has very busy air traffic. Many well respected airlines in Europe serve the city, and most flights from the United States require a transfer in another European city, especially in Germany or the United Kingdom. The Vienna International Airport is about 20 kms southeast of downtown Vienna.

By train

The city is a major rail junction and its railway links to all major European cities. There are regular train travels from Milan, Paris, Zurich, and Munich. Traveling by train is excellent as you will be carried by a clean and comfortable train, not to mention speedy, to the city. You will not be bored as you will be treated with magnificent scenic views as you travel to Vienna.

By car

Getting to Vienna by car is a good decision if you are already in a European city. You can easily reach Vienna from all directions on Autobahnen (main highways) or by secondary highways. Autobahn A1 comes from the west, from Linz, Salzburg, and Munich. Autobahn A2, on the other hand, is the main highway from the south – from Klagenfurt and Graz. Autobahn A4 comes from the east, connecting with route E-58, which goes all the way to Prague and Bratislava.

By bus

Getting to Vienna by bus is limited and not preferred by many travelers given the superiority of the railway service. But if you want to get to the city by bus transit, there are several bus companies that operate between Vienna and large European cities. You will find the Bus Terminal at the Wien Mitte railway station (Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 1).

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