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28th of May 2018

There’s a lot about Vienna, Austria that a lot of people aren’t so familiar yet. Not so many would know that this city offers life’s comforts and enjoyment. Vienna is one of Central Europe’s largest and most important cities in terms of its rich history and culture. It is located on the rail lines between Venice, Budapest, and Prague. It is at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe.


This Austrian capital city is comparable to other European cities like Barcelona, London, Milan, Paris or Rome. What makes Vienna a bit unique is that some people consider it compact and easy to negotiate where a mix of urban layers and old historic center makes up that Vienna feel. And speaking of mix, various traditions of a European city are evident in the city ranging from Roman influences to Gothic, Baroque and Historicism. Some of the famous musicians and artists that considered Vienna their home are Mozart, Hayden, Strauß, Beethoven, Schubert, Otto Wagner and Hundertwasser.

Visitors will find Vienna’s historical past fascinating as this royal-imperial flair blend with the latest trends. The Hapsburg dynasty ruled the city for centuries and remnants of their reign is seen in many of the city buildings like the Schönbrunn Palace, the Imperial Palace found at the city center, the Vienna State Opera, the museums on the Ringstraße, and the the University of Vienna. Other past conquerors that include the Celts, Romans, Babenbergs also left their marks in the city.


Museums and exhibitions in Vienna, Austria have various themes and topics. The city is adorned by fine art collections and world-renowned works of art. Apart from these, there are about 50 theaters, three opera houses, two theaters staging musicals, and 100 other museums to choose from. Other Viennese prides are the Burgtheatre, one of the best theatres among German speakers, and its branch, the Akademeitheatre.


Cafés and Austrian wine taverns are also a few of the things about Vienna that people love. Vienna’s warmth is readily seen in lively coffee shops, where people spend their day in leisure while enjoying the city.

Viennese cuisine is influenced by regions that surround Vienna as well as events in the history of the city. Some of those that delights the palate are the “Sachertorte” (a rich chocolate cake), the “Apfelstrudel” (apple strudel) or the “Kaiserschmarrn” (sugared, cut-up pancake with raisins), or the “Wiener Schnitzel” (breadcrumbed and fried veal escalope), the “Tafelspitz” (choice pieces of boiled beef). The Wiener Naschmarkt is a popular Vienna street market reflecting the city’s mix of nationalities and food cultures.

The Viennese people are famous for the “Wiener Schmäh” (Viennese charm). Viennese are a friendly lot which is contrary to negative stereotypes.

Vienna is host to international organizations like United Nations (UNO), the OPEC, the OSZE and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In fact, Vienna is the only EU capital with a UN headquarters setup within its soil.

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