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28th of May 2018

Like all cities in the world, Vienna also has its own customs that make it unique. And you will need nuts-and-bolts information to survive and be accepted in the city. Here are some things that you should know about Vienna local customs before traveling to this Austrian capital:


Whether they know each other or not, Viennese people would greet each otherwith “Guten Tag” (Good Day), “Gruss Gott” (Hello), or “Wiedershen” (See you again or Goodbye) every time they enter or leave a room. Greeting or bidding farewell to each other is a polite custom in the city. You should also learn to say “Bitte” (Please) or “Danke” (Thank you).

Many first time visitors do not know that they are being greeted. But eventually, they will get into this habit. As visitors to this friendly city, you need to learn these basic greetings for courtesy reasons.


If you eat out and drink in cozy taverns like a Heuriger, do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself sharing a bench and long table with total strangers. This is a Vienna custom. Do not try to wait for your own table. Take note – you will wait long and may go thirsty.



Tipping is one of the most important local customs in Vienna that visitors must pay attention to. Most likely, the service fee in Vienna bars and restaurants will not be included in your total bill. The waiters or waitress usually expect about 10% tips. You can give 10%-15% tips to hairdressers and cab drivers and about €1 – €2 to bellboys or doormen. Porters often expect at least €3, especially if you have a heavy luggage!

Standing on the right side

Standing on the right side is one of the more unusual Vienna customs. When you use the escalators or stairs, always stand on the right side if you go up/down manually. Locals explain that the left side is for people in a hurry. Insist on standing on the left side if you want to be pushed or curse by impatient people.

Speaking up loud

Vienna is a city where people speak up loud. So, when necessary, your voice should be loud enough to get what you want. Sometimes, local residents tend to ignore you or cut queues. But do not be rude; be firm, courteous, and polite. Take heart, most Viennese are friendly and nice.

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