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28th of May 2018

Vienna was considerably a melting pot of the Austria-Hungary Empire. Population in the city grew due to immigration and Vienna became one of the six largest cities in the world in the early

20th century. Despite becoming a city with the second largest Czech population in the world, many Czechs and Hungarians returned to their ancestral countries after the first world war.

People of Vienna are a mix of different nationalities. Aside from Austrians, nearly half of the population is composed of people from former Yugoslavia, primarily Serbs. Others that live in Vienna are Turkish, Polish and German.


Although German is mainly used in Vienna, some of the locals speak other languages. Turkish is the language among the ethnic minority. Other languages spoken by ethnic minorities are Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian, and Serbian. Young people are usually fluent in English.

Vienna people belong to different religious denominations but the biggest group are Roman Catholics. The rest are Protestants, Muslims, and others.


One important thing that you notice in the city is the well-dressed people. Fitting in this rich and proper city would need you to dress in the same fashion. Viennese people are likely to respect others who are nicely attired. People need not be ultra-conservative but Viennese prefer that guys do not show off too much muscle. But for those people who are adventurous, there are designated areas along the Danube River which the Viennese call “FKK” where you can walk around naked, much like being in the Garden of Eden!

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