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28th of May 2018

A truly enjoyable Vienna sightseeing does not involve only a taste of a Sacher cake or a sip of coffee, but a nice tour of those rich historical sites and monuments that adorn the city. Try considering these places we suggest in your city tour plans:

The school of horses and riders

Vienna has been a place for learning the art of equitation for over four centuries now. It has the Spanish Riding School that teaches horse riders old methods of riding. In shows and events in the school, you would see Lipizzans and dressage.


The gallery of drawings

European cities are lovers of art. It is not surprising that Vienna have put up one of the world’s finest art galleries that are home to a rich collection of drawings that have been growing in number since Albert, Duke of Saxe-Teschen, began collecting some pieces. The works which include drawings, etchings and watercolours by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens, Raphael, Manet, Cezanne and Schiele are now over 60,000.



The oldest library

Austrian National library was built in 1726 by Joseph Fischer of Erlach. Visitors can feast their eyes over the beautiful paintings in the ceiling of the palatial room. The room is considered one of the most beautiful library rooms in the world. Items that you would see in the library are collections of papyri, manuscripts, ancient and rare books, maps, globes, music, portraits, graphics, photographs, autographs and posters which total to approximately six million.



The palaces for a prince

The Rococo-styled Belvedere palaces built for Prince Eugene of Savoy house two of Vienna’s museums that reflects Austrian middle age and modern art.



The Hapsburgs’ Hofburg

The Hofburg Imperial Palace, built in 1279, used to be the home to the Hapsburgs until 1918. The entire palace was eventually turned into offices of the president of Austria, and into several official and private apartments. Other areas in the palace have also been used as international convention center, museums, and state rooms which are open to the public. There is also a chapel inside the palace where the Vienna Boys’ Choir perform, and a hall where the Spanish Riding School Lipizzan stallions perform.


A museum of Freud’s memories

The Sigmund Freud museum holds personal possessions, antiques collection the original furniture of Freud’s waiting room. The building where the museum has been installed was the home of Freud and his family that is why audio-visual display of Freud family’s private moments is shown in the museum. Today, the museum is a place for the largest psycho-analysis library in Europe.

A summer palace

One of the top Vienna attractions is the 1,440-room summer palace of the Habsburgs – the Schloss Schönbrunn Palace. Forty rooms are open to the public. Evident in the palaxes interior is the 18th century inspiration with lots of red, white and gold. Surrounding the palace are formal gardens where visitors can take pictures.


A place for the faithful

The 12th century St. Stephens Cathedral was subject hostile historical damages but was eventually restored to become one of today’s greatest Gothic structures in Europe. It has wood carvings, sculptures and paintings and an ornately carved wooden Wiener Neustadt altarpiece of 1447. The cathedral’s catacombs contain the entrails of 56 members of the Habsburg family. The south tower offers a great view of the Vienna woods while the north tower provides you the sight to the majestic cityscape and the Danube.

You have an array of choice to visit in this lovely city and Vienna tourism is one of the most active in Europe. Plan ahead so you will have the chance to prioritize which top attractions to check out.

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